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The Tell-Tale Heart and Other Tales

Poe, Edgar Allan
A new selection of the greatest Gothic fiction from one of the most deranged and deliciously weird writers of the nineteenth century. The tales are accompanied by the classic illustrations of Harry Clarke, an artist fully alive to the deep darkness at the heart of Poe's writing.

Promethean Horrors: Classic Tales Of Mad Science

Reyes, Xavier Aldana
From the imaginations of Gothic short-story writers such as Edgar Allen Poe, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Mary Shelley and H.P. Lovecraft came one of the most complex of villains - the mad scientist. Promethean Horrors presents some of the greatest mad scientists ever created, as each cautionary tale explores the consequences of pushing nature too far.

Four-Sided Triangle

Temple, William F.
When a brilliant scientist believes that a cutting edge replication process offers the solution to an excruciating love triangle, the limits of the new technology are tested - and impossible questions of identity and originality threaten to tear apart the best-laid plans of paradise.

A Pin To See The Peepshow

Tennyson Jesse, F.
Based on the events of a sensational murder trial in the 1920s - the Thompson/Bywaters case - Julia becomes trapped by her sex and class in a criminal justice system in which she has no control.