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The Art of Asking the Right Questions: A People Manager's Toolkit

(McEnery) Reidy, Caroline
THE ART OF ASKING THE RIGHT QUESTIONS is a 'go to guide' to dip into as needed to remind you of the key questions to ask throughout the employment journey. By asking the right questions, you will enhance your team's skills to maximise their own talent and make your business more successful by engaging your team's knowledge and skills.

I Am the Border, So I Am

97 years young, the Irish Border may be a late adopter of Twitter, but with more than 82k followers including Taoiseach Leo Varadkar, Piers Morgan and Alastair Campbell, the Border isn't so invisible anymore. `The iceberg always blinks at the last minute.' - @BorderIrish

Law and revolution in seventeenth-century Ireland (Irish Legal History Society series)

A. Dennehy, Coleman
Law, the legal system, and the legal community played a vital role in the origins and the development of the conflict in Ireland that took it from a dependent kingdom to becoming part of a republican commonwealth. Lawyers also played a fundamental part in the return of the legal and political 'normality' in the 1660s. This collection of essays considers how the law was part of this process and to what extent it was shaped by the revolutionary developments of the period.

Suaimhneas agus Míshuaimhneas

A Mac Mathúna, Seán

Police Casualties In Ireland 1919 1922

Abbott, Richard
The Royal Irish Constabulary are often portrayed as the villains of the War of Independence in Ireland, Irishmen who betrayed their country by serving the British regime. No memorial has been raised in Ireland to those who died during the conflict and their names are largely forgotten, apart from a few who gained notoriety through the fact that Michael Collins himself ordered their killing. As a result, while their deaths are recorded in histories of the time, little attention is paid to the men themselves.

500 Mallacht Ort


Titeann Rudaí as a Chéile


Eileen Gray: Her Life and Work

Adam, Peter
A fascinating rediscovery of the life and work of Eileen Gray, one of the twentieth century's most important designers.

Fierce Love: The Life of Mary O'Malley

Adams, Bernard
Fierce Love is sourced from production notebooks and copious correspondence held in NUI Galway, measuring for the first time the achievements of Mary O'Malley, a controversial and resourceful woman swimming against the tide of populism and sectarianism, to establish an independent academy for actors and artists in a tireless quest for imaginative freedom and excellence.

The New Ireland: A Vision for the Future

Adams, Gerry
A unique political manifesto at a crucial moment from the leading figure in Irish Republicanism. Adams outlines the challenge of transforming Irish society through a vision of self-determination and sovereignty, inclusiveness and equality.

Never Give Up: Selected Writings

Adams, Gerry
A collection of personally selected writings by Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams showcasing his unique perspective on topics as diverse as his family, friends, Brexit, women and justice for all, and the GAA.

Before the Dawn: An Autobiography

Adams, Gerry
Gerry Adams offers his own unique, intimate account of the early years of his career, from his childhood in working-class Belfast to the more turbulent years of social activism that followed. Updated with new introduction and epilogue covering the huge changes in Irish society since the Good Friday Agreement.