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Small Days and Nights

A captivating and original story of family, of the ties that bind and the secrets we bury, set against the vivid and evocative backdrop of modern India. An Irish Times Book of the Year 2019

Sorry For Your Trouble


Sound of the Hours

Divided by loyalties, brought together by war September, 1943. Tuscany, Italy. In the hilltop town of Barga, everyone holds their breath. Even the bells fall silent. Everything Vittoria Guidi knows and loves is at risk. German troops occupy the mountains around her home, as America's Buffalo Soldiers prepare to invade. As Vittoria's country is torn in two, so is her conscience. Should she side with her Scots-Italian father or her Fascist mother?


Taut and luminous, graceful and wild, Suncatcher is a poignant coming-of-age novel about difficult friendships and sudden awakenings. Mesmerizingly it charts the loss of innocence and our recurring search for love - or consolation - bringing these extraordinary lives into our own.


From the computer scientists to the cable guys, the billionaire investors to the ad men, the intelligence agencies to the regulators, these are the real-life figures powering the internet and pulling the strings of our society. Ball brilliantly shows how an invention once hailed as a democratising force has concentrated power in places it already existed that the system, in other words, remains the same as it did before.

The Butcher of Berner Street

Reeve, Alex
The latest atmospheric mystery from the author of the Richard and the Judy Book Club choice, The House on Half Moon Street.

The Contrarian : Peter Thiel and Silicon Valley's Pursuit of Power

Chafkin, Max
The biography of venture capitalist and entrepreneur Peter Thiel, the enigmatic, controversial and hugely influential power broker who sits at the dynamic intersection of tech, business and politics.

The Dutch House

Patchett, Ann

The End Of The World Is A Cul De Sac

Kennedy, Louise
'These stories sing, haunt and inspire laughter ... One of the best collections I've read in years' Sinead Gleeson 'Darkly funny, beautifully crafted, intense ... Outstanding' Kevin Barry A TIMES, IRISH TIMES AND IRISH INDEPENDENT HIGHLIGHT FOR 2021 The secrets people kept, the lies they told. In these visceral, stunningly crafted stories, people are effortlessly cruel to one another, and the natural world is a primitive salve.

The Glamour Boys ***EXP

Bryant, Chris
A STORY OF UNSUNG BRAVERY AT A DEFINING MOMENT IN BRITAIN'S HISTORY 'Superb' Stephen Fry 'Thrillingly told' Dan Jones 'Fascinating' Neil MacGregor 'Astonishing' Peter Frankopan We like to think we know the story of how Britain went to war with Germany in 1939, but there is one chapter that has never been told. In the early 1930s, a group of young, queer British MPs visited Berlin on a series of trips that would change the course of the Second World War. Having witnessed the Nazis' brutality first-hand, these men were some of the first to warn Britain about Hitler, repeatedly speaking out against their government's policy of appeasing him.

The Hidden Case of Ewan Forbes : The Transgender Trial that Threatened to Upend the British Establishment

Playdon, Zoe
The never-before-told story of Ewan Forbes and the landmark case that rocked British society and transformed transgender experience to this day

The Hunt and the Kill : A Casey Benedict Investigation

Watt, Holly
A patient at a London hospital. A renowned specialist in antibiotic development. A British-based billionaire. And a fight for survival not just for one patient, but for the world