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Against The Loveless World

Abulhawa, Susan
Nahr has been confined to the Cube: nine square metres of glossy grey cinderblock, devoid of time, its patterns of light and dark nothing to do with day and night. Journalists visit her, but get nowhere; because Nahr is not going to share her story with them. The world outside calls Nahr a terrorist, and a whore; some might call her a revolutionary, or a hero. But the truth is, Nahr has always been many things, and had many names.


Allende, Isabel
One extraordinary woman. One hundred years of history. One unforgettable story.

Long Petal Of The Sea

Allende Isabel


Tsarina is luscious. As detailed as the jewels and enamel inlay on the creations of Faberge, Ellen Alpsten writes the story of Catherine Alexeyevna, born poor with a lust for power and riches, who sets her mind to achieve both, and sets in motion all that will follow in Russian history, including the reign of Catherine the Great. `

The Second : Race and Guns in a Fatally Unequal America

Anderson, Carol
From the New York Times bestselling author of White Rage, an unflinching, critical new look at the Second Amendment and how it has been engineered to deny the rights of African Americans since its inception.

The Leviathan : The most beguiling and gripping debut novel of 2022

Andrews, Rosie
A beguiling tale of superstition, myth and murder, perfect for fans of The Binding, The Essex Serpent and Once Upon a River. She is awake... Norfolk, 1643

How to Gut a Fish

Armstrong, Sheila
'Dark, devilishly well written and full of atmosphere, How to Gut a Fish is one of the most original and affecting short story collections I've read in years' Jan Carson, author of The Fire Starters

Wbd 22 Last Word


Why Visit America

Baker, Matthew
Welcome, dear visitor, to a proud and storied nation. When you put down this guidebook, look around you. A nation isn't land.

Scatter Her Ashes

Bakkeid, Heine
Thorkild Aske returns in the second novel in this brilliant, darkly funny crime series from a fresh voice in Nordic Noir.

Destination Wedding

Basu, Diksha
Navigating a world of Delhi playboys, models, dating agencies for widows, and wedding guests with personal bodyguards, Tina is determined to have an authentic Indian experience, now if only someone would tell her what that was...

Post Mortem

Bell, Gary
Once a petty criminal, now a highly respected QC, Elliot Rook has years of legal experience and he will need every one of them if he is to see his latest client acquitted