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Flourish : The Extraordinary Journey Into Finding Your Best Self

Case, Antonia
What is a meaningful life? What does it mean to flourish? Antonia Case, the co-founder of New Philosopher and Womankind magazines, quits her corporate job in the city and, with her partner, travels across the world in search of meaning.

How to Think Like a Philosopher : Scholars, Dreamers and Sages Who Can Teach Us How to Live

Cave, Peter
In showing how the great philosophers of human history lived and thought and what they thought about the popular philosopher Peter Cave provides an accessible and enjoyable introduction to thinking philosophically and how it can change our everyday lives.

Always On : Hope and Fear in the Social Smartphone Era

Cellan-Jones, Rory
'Delightfully insightful and intensely readable [...] There is an energy and drama to Rory's writing which nonetheless leaves space for us, the reader, to make up our minds' Stephen Fry

Racing Green : How Motorsport Science Can Save the World

Champman, Kit
Racing Green is the story of how motorsport science has become smarter and more environmentally friendly, and how these developments on the track are changing the world.

First Light : Switching on Stars at the Dawn of Time

Chapman, Emma
Emma Chapman tells us how the first stars formed, why they were so unusual, and what they can teach us about the Universe today. She also offers a first-hand look at the immense telescopes about to come on line to peer into the past, searching for the echoes and footprints of these stars, to take this period in the Universe s history from the realm of theoretical physics towards the wonder of observational astronomy.

Out of Thin Air : Running Wisdom and Magic from Above the Clouds in Ethiopia ***EXP

Crawley, Michael
Full of wonderful insights and lessons from a world where the ability to run is viewed as something almost mysterious and magical. Adharanand Finn, author of Running with the Kenyans Ethiopia is a place where I have been told that energy is controlled by angels and demons and where witchdoctors can help you to acquire another runner s power. It is a place where an anonymous runner in the forest told me, miming an imaginary scoreboard and with a completely straight face, that he had dreamt that he would run 10km in 25 minutes.

Coming Clean : A true story of love, addiction and recovery

Fraser, Liz
My name is Liz, and I am the partner of an alcoholic. Coming Clean is a searingly honest memoir of loving an alcoholic both through the heaviest drinking years and into recovery.

Leonard Cohen : The Mystical Roots of Genius

Freedman, Harry
Departing from traditional biographical approaches, Freedman explores song by song how Cohen reworked myths and prayers, legends and allegories. By the end the reader will be left with a powerful understanding of Cohen's story, together with a far broader insight into the mystical origins of his inimitable work.

Superspy Science : Science, Death and Tech in the World of James Bond

Harkup, Kathryn
Could our favourite Bond villains actually achieve world domination? Were the huge variety of weapons and technology in Bond s arsenal from both the films and books ever actually developed in real life? And would 007 actually escape all those close shaves intact? From the plots to the gadgets to the ludicrous ways that his life is threatened, Superspy Science takes an in-depth look at the scientific world of James Bond.

Men on Magic Carpets


The Wings of the Dove : Screenplay