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The GAA Immortals: 100 Gaelic Games Legends

Scally, John
The lore and legend of Gaelic Games has been shaped by great players. Since Adam was a boy special players have had a unique power to make the heart skip a beat. This book celebrates 100 of them: footballers, hurlers, managers, ladies' footballers and camogie players from the start of the twentieth century to the present day.

The Gingerbread House

Beaufoy, Kate
The Gingerbread House is a deeply moving novel: a compassionate and occasionally wickedly funny tale of a family's agonising struggle with dementia.

The Grafton Barber Essential Guide to Grooming & Etiquette

McAllister, Conor
For nearly 60 years, the Grafton Barbers have persuaded the gentlemen of Ireland and their sons to take a proper interest in their appearance. Now, with their smart perspective on etiquette and keen eye for all matters stylish, these gods of grooming share trade secrets and philosophy.

The Green & White House : Ireland and the US Presidents

Kelleher, Lynne
THE GREEN & WHITE HOUSE takes an affectionate and wry look at the special relationship Ireland, a small nation of less than six million people, has with the greatest superpower in the world.

The Importance of Being Me

Grace-Cassidy, Caroline
When Lisa's husband leaves her for Gemma - a local beautician years younger - she's upset but nowhere near as devastated as she thought she'd be. Can she ever have what she wants most in the world, a whole new relationship with the most important person in her life - her daughter?

The Judge's Wife

O'Loughlin, Ann
Monsoon Tears is the story of three women, set in Dublin and India, spanning thirty years.

The Jungle

Puri, Pooja
Mico has left his family, his home, his future. Setting out in search of a better life, he instead finds himself navigating one of the world's most inhospitable environments - The Jungle. For Mico, just one of many 'unaccompanied children', the Calais refugee camp has a wildness, a savagery all of its own.

The Ludlow Ladies Society

O'Loughlin, Ann
A story of friendship, resilience and compassion, and of how women hold each other up through the most difficult times. The latest novel from the bestselling author of The Judges Wife and The Ballroom Cafe, Ann O'Loughlin.

The Ludlow Ladies' Society

O'Loughlin, Ann
A story of friendship, resilience and compassion, and of how women hold each other up through the most difficult times, this is a tale which will have you crying one minute and laughing the next.

The Manhattan Project

McNeive, Paul
New York City is under attack. Millions may die. But the enemy's weapons are invisible, undetectable and creating terror at lightning speed.

The People's Games: A GAA Compendium

Scally, John
For over 130 years the GAA has been at the heart of Irish life. Now, in The People's Games, John Scally tells the compelling stories of the men and women behind the rich history of Gaelic Games.

The People's Games: A GAA Compendium

Scally, John
With all 32 counties of the GAA represented, this is a special book to treasure, telling the very special story of The People's Games and including all the major events such as Bloody Sunday, the coming of television and the Troubles.