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No Light in His Eyes

Burke, Jim

The Sad Windows

Burke, Jim

The 'Peanut' Elephant Company: And other tales

De Faoite, Paraig

The Double Edged Sword

Edwards, Emily

An Irish Tale and Other Stories

Fleming, Peter
Winston ("Winter") Crowley is a young Irishman who grows up in Canada, but feels forever bound by family ties to his native Belfast. At the age of (almost) twenty, this boy in a cultural bubble returns to Northern Ireland.

Casinos in Dublin...My Crazy Ride

Foxby, James

Untold Story

Higgins, Tara


Keaveney, Lin
Three puppies are born in a beautiful cottage in the Dublin mountains. Meanwhile, down in the village, Vicky HATES dogs! She screams every time she sees one.

Meandering Ideas

Marshall, Maria

The She Team Does Lockdown

McGovern, Susan
The She Team is back! Mags the dog and the four cats Smig, Ebi, Trig, and Roisín are once again using their superpowers to help others, beginning with Fran, the badger and her babies and later helping out the humans in their family when a very unusual event occurs.

The She Team

McGovern, Susan
Five animals, four cats and a dog, are all black and white and are females, but they have two more things in common not apparent at first – they have all been treated badly in different ways by a number of humans and they all have a superpower which helps them to get away from the baddies.

Grief Is - A Collection of Reflective Poetry

O'Connor, Catherine
Catherine O'Connor, Education Consultant and Author, draws on lifes experience unravelling the journey of grief in poetic form. This book is for anyone, young or old, who has lost a loved one. Reflective and profound. She lives in Dublin, Ireland. Catherine O'Connor tells the story of grief in poetic form. A moving and honest reflection of the desolation, isolation, and emotional consequences of loss and grief. It brings light and hope to the heart.