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Interesting Facts About Space

Austin, Emily
Full of charm, humour and heart, Interesting Facts About Space is a pitch-perfect exploration of the strange ways we try to connect with others, and the power of sharing our secret selves with the people we love.

The Garden

Beams, Clare
Haunting, uncanny and unforgettable, The Garden exhumes private griefs and mysteries in a stunning gothic that explores the ways that women's bodies are policed and manipulated.

The Delusions of Crowds

Bernstein, William
As revealing about human nature as they are historically significant, Bernstein's chronicles reveal the huge cost and alarming implications of mass mania as he observes that if we can absorb the history and biology of mass delusion, we can recognise it more readily in our own time and avoid its frequently dire impact.


Bond, Catherine
A powerful novel about love and loss, and what we truly pass on to our children.

Age of Islands ***Export

From a 'crannog', an ancient artificial island in a Scottish loch, to the militarized artificial islands China is building in the South China Sea, this book sets out to explore some of the world's newest, most fragile and beautiful islands to find out why they have such a hold on our imaginations.

Hue 1968


The Cat and The City

The Cat and The City is a love letter to Japan and its literature. Bradley's passion for everything from onigiri to Tanizaki's short stories is woven into this book. Bradley was for a time an ex-pat and his insight into their perching state is particularly intriguing. He is also very clearly a man with a great tenderness for cats., Rowan Hisayo Buchanan, author of HARMLESS LIKE YOU

A Necessary Kindness : Stories From the Frontline of Abortion Care

Carey, Juno
These are the stories we need to share, the conversations we need to be having and the rights we need to protect.

The Beauty of Impossible Things

Donohue, Rachel
Foresight is not always a gift... The summer Natasha Rothwell turns fifteen, strange dancing lights appear in the sky above her small town, lights that she interprets as portents of doom.

All The Worst Humans : How I Made News for Dictators, Tycoons and Politicians

Elwood, Phil
A bridge-burning, riotous memoir by a top PR operative in Washington who exposes the secrets of the $129-billion industry that controls so much of what we see and hear in the media - from a man who used to pull the strings, and who is now pulling back the curtain.

The Three Paradises

Fabbri, Robert
Alexander the Great's sudden and unexpected death has left the largest, most formidable empire the world has ever seen leaderless. As the fight to take control descends into ruthless scheming and bloody battles, no one - man, woman or child - is safe.

A Woman Made of Snow

Gifford, Elisabeth
Scotland, 1949: Caroline Gillan and her new husband Alasdair have moved back to Kelly Castle, his dilapidated family estate in the middle of nowhere. Stuck caring for their tiny baby, and trying to find her way with an opinionated mother-in-law, Caroline feels adrift, alone and unwelcome. But when she is tasked with sorting out the family archives, Caroline discovers a century-old mystery that sparks her back to life.