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Galaxies: Inside the Universe's Star Cities

Eicher, David

Moons 7

Gammon-Ross, Anna
Venture out into the Universe and discover moons of all shapes and sizes, home to curious features such as active volcanoes and underground oceans!

Backyard Guide To The Night Sky

Geographic, National
Contains ten comprehensive chapters that place readers on astronomical ground. This title covers information that range from the layers of the Earth's atmosphere and how they affect what we see; to the objects in our solar system - the Sun, Moon, and planets; to more distant objects - the stars, constellations, meteors, and comets.

Seeing Stars: A Complete Guide to the 88 Constellations

Gillingham, Sara
A graphically stunning, comprehensive introduction to the constellations

Observing our Solar System: A beginner's guide

Kerss, Tom
The sights in our Solar System are dynamic reminders of our planet's position as part of a larger neighbourhood. Study the ever-changing face of the Moon, watch the steady march of the planets against the stars, witness the thrill of a meteor shower, or the memory of a once-in-a-generation comet.

Aurorae 8

Lanigan, Bryony
The beautiful and elusive sights of aurorae are considered some of Earth's most mesmerising phenomena. Many strands of science explain their existence, but these enchanting light displays still hold some mysteries.

The Hunt for Vulcan: How Albert Einstein Destroyed a Planet and Deciphered the Universe

Levenson, Thomas
An elegant and entertaining account explaining the strange history of the (non-existent) Planet Vulcan, which confounded the 19th century's brightest minds.

Universe: Exploring the Astronomical World: midi format

Malin, David
A gorgeous exploration of the ways in which humans have documented the beauty of the cosmos - in a new compact edition

Hello, is This Planet Earth?: My View from the International Space Station (Official Tim Peake Book)

Peake, Tim
With over 150 photographs that author took on board the international space station, many of which have not been seen before, this collection showcases the beauty of earth from above, and is the perfect visual time capsule of author's remarkable trip, which captured the imaginations of millions of children and adults across the world.

Apollo Remastered

Saunders, Andy


Sparrow, Giles
A landmark in popular science publishing, Cosmos is a majestic, giant format, account of the ultimate journey - a 13.7-billion-light-year- (or 130-billion-trillion kilometre-) voyage from our home planet to the edge of the universe and the beginning of time. Illustrated with 450 images of staggering beauty

Fire and Ice: The Volcanoes of the Solar System

Starkey, Natalie