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Great Migrations

Kostyal, Karen
At a riverbank in Africa's Serengeti, thousands of migrating wildebeest try desperately to cross as terrifying crocs feast on the galloping herds. This title documents migration as a race against time, in which freezing temperatures or scorching heat usher in a crisis. It also explains that migrations need generals, admirals and pioneers.

Hoping for a Home

Ritson, Janie
A collection of unique and heart-warming stories from the life of an RSPCA rescue worker. Janie Ritson shows us the full and wondrous lives of those animals neglected and forgotten.

Ireland's Animals: Myths, Legends & Folklore

Mac Coitir, Niall
Compilation of folklore, legends, and history describes animals' relations with people, being hunted for food, fur, sport, or as vermin, and their position today. An imaginative final section looks at twelve animals and how we can visualise ourselves as having their special qualities and enrich our lives and deal with situations differently.

Ireland's Birds

Mac Coitir, Niall
Draws together the mythology, legends and folklore of Ireland's birds, both wild and domestic. Written with imagination and enthusiasm, this mix of natural history, mythology and folklore will delight and enlighten all interested in the birds of Ireland.

Little-known Facts: Animals

O Cathain, Diarmuid

Office Dogs

Rousseau, Stephanie
A comprehensive guide to dogs in the workplace. Uniquely, this book gives insight from the dog's perspective, whilst also providing plenty of practical advice for making your dog a success in the office! It takes you through the entire process, from gaining the support of your colleagues to policy considerations for the employer.

On Dogs: An Anthology

Ullman, Tracey
This entertaining anthology offers an array of writers past and present expressing their thoughts about dogs. The writers and poets collected within this anthology reflect on the joys and pitfalls of dog ownership with brilliant wit, insight, and affection. Introduced by internationally acclaimed actor and producer Tracey Ullman.

Ordinary Dogs

Battersby, Eileen
Describes two animals with personalities, emotions and prejudices. This book also describes the reasons why, for certain people - especially women - there is more integrity in the mysterious relationship with a mammal who cannot speak than there is in most of the relationships that human society has to offer.

Pet Expert: Rabbits

Barder, Gemma
Discover amazing facts about your favourite animals to become a pet expert!

Shark Super Powers

Morris, Jillian

Ta me ag fas: Frog

Magloff, Lisa

The Aviary

Merritt, Matt
**A BEAUTIFUL NEW SERIES FOR NATURE LOVERS** This sumptuous book displays and describes a variety of beautiful birds. Press-out sections enable you to reveal the outlines of the birds and transform your book into a work of art.