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Inferno: Dual Language and New Verse Translation

Alighieri, Dante
New verse translation by prize-winning translator with facing Italian text, part of Alma Classics Evergreen series. Includes an extensive section on Dante's life and works.

Pride and Prejudice

Austen, Jane
Part of Alma Classics Evergreen series at GBP4.99, Pride and Prejudice is one of the most cherished love stories in English literature.


Bronte, Anne
Drawing on Anne Bronte's own experiences, Agnes Grey is here presented in a new edition containing extra material and notes.

The Thirty-Nine Steps

Buchan, Charles
Part of Alma Classics Evergreen series of popular classics, this edition is fully annotated and contains extra material.

Master And Margarita

Bulgakov, Mikhail
Part of Alma Classics Evergreens series, The Master and Margarita is here presented in a new translation and a wealth of extra material.

White Guard

Bulgakov, Mikhail
Set in the Ukrainian capital of Kiev during the chaotic winter of 1918-19, The White Guard, Bulgakov's first full-length novel, tells the story of a Russian-speaking family trapped in circumstances that threaten to destroy them.

A Young Doctor's Notebook: New Translation

Bulgakov, Mikhail Afanasevich
In this collection of short stories, drawing heavily from the author's own experiences as a medical graduate on the eve of the Russian Revolution, Bulgakov describes a young doctor's turbulent and often brutal introduction to his practice in the backward village of Muryovo. It includes the piece Morphine

Don Quixote

Cervantes, Miguel de
Part of Alma Classics Evergreen series at GBP4.99, this edition includes an introduction by translator Tom Lathrop and illustrations by Jack Davis.

The Awakening

Chopin, Kate
Presented in a new annotated edition accompanied with extra material, The Awakening is widely seen as a landmark of early feminism and a precursor of American modernism.

Heart of Darkness and The Complete Congo Diary

Conrad, Joseph
Renowned for its stylistic boldness and dramatic descriptions, Heart of Darkness is a stark yet subtle examination of the powers of the subconscious and the workings of western imperialism.

The Red Badge of Courage

Crane, Stephen
Although its author never experienced the horrors of the Civil War at first hand, The Red Badge of Courage has often been praised for its realism and the authenticity of its settings and battle scenes, as well as for the nuanced psychology of its protagonist's internal struggles.

On the Origin of Species

Darwin, Charles
The foundation of evolutionary biology and natural selection - which prompted as huge a revolution in the fields of science and religion as Copernicus's heliocentric model of the universe and Newton's law of gravity, Darwin's On the Origin of Species is perhaps the most important book of scientific observation ever written."