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On Confidence

The School of Life
The difference between success and failure often hangs on a fascinatingly small and elusive concept that our standard education system never touches: confidence. This is a guidebook to what confidence consists of, why we lack it - and how we can acquire more of it in our lives.

Big Ideas for Curious Minds: An Introduction to Philosophy

The School of Life
Accessible philosophy for children; a collection of important concepts from 25 famous thinkers, contextualised in relatable everyday scenarios.

What is Psychotherapy?

The School of Life
An in-depth look at a much misunderstood practice, offering a fresh viewpoint on how this science can be a universally effective route to our better selves.

How to Travel

The School of Life
An original and comprehensive look at what it is we seek when we set off on an adventure abroad - and at how we can travel better, so that our experiences overseas become truly transformative and memorable.

How to Think More Effectively: A Guide to greater productivity, insight and creativity

The School of Life
A guide to identifying, nurturing and growing our insight and creativity for more effective thinking. We learn how to optimise our beautiful yet fitful minds so that they can produce the sorts of ideas we need to fulfil our potential.

How to Get on With Your Colleagues: A guide to better collaboration

The School of Life
An essential guide to navigating the complexities of professional relationships, offering a series of lessons on workplace psychology. The result is nothing less than a more profitable, harmonious and happier organisations.

Happy, Healthy Minds: A Children's Guide to Emotional Wellbeing

The School of Life
An essential guide to help children become more aware of their emotional needs, this book examines a range of everyday topics that might give children's minds difficulties.

Big Ideas from History: a history of the world for YOU

The School of Life
An engaging, alternative history of the world for children, which helps to make sense of today.