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Reflections on Irish Criminology: Conversations with Criminologists

Lynch, Orla
This book explores the development of the discipline of Criminology on the island of Ireland, through conversations with leading criminologists.

Excess in Modern Irish Writing: Spirit and Surplus

McAteer, Michael
This book examines the topic of excess in modern Irish writing in terms of mysticism, materialism, myth and language. The readings presented illustrate how Matthew Arnold's nineteenth-century idea of the excessive character of the Celt is itself exceeded within the modernity of twentieth-century Irish writing.

Bernard Shaw and the Making of Modern Ireland

McNamara, Audrey
This book is an anthology focused on Shaw's efforts, literary and political, that worked toward a modernizing Ireland. Locating Shaw within the march towards modernizing Ireland furthers the recent efforts to secure Shaw's place within the Irish spheres of literature and politics.

Metabiography: Reflecting on Biography

Ni Dhuill, Caitriona
Addressing the fraught relationships between genre and gender, private and public, image and text, life and narrative that play out in the modern biographical tradition, Metabiography suggests new possibilities for reading, writing and thinking about this enduringly popular genre.

Irish Speakers and Schooling in the Gaeltacht, 1900 to the Present

O'Donoghue, Tom
This book offers the first full-length study of the education of children living within the Gaeltacht, the Irish-speaking communities in Ireland, from 1900 to the present day.

Cultural Memory in Seamus Heaney's Late Work

Piavanini, Joanne
Cultural Memory in Seamus Heaney's Late Work considers the ways that memory functions in Heaney's poetry.

Ireland and the Climate Crisis

Robbins, David
This book provides a comprehensive overview of Ireland's response to the climate crisis. The contributions, written by leading scholars across a range of disciplines in the social sciences, humanities and beyond, shed light on diverse aspects of the climate crisis, the factors shaping Ireland's response, and prospects for the future.

The Invisible Republic: The Economics of Socialism and Republicanism in the 21st Century

Smyth, Robbie
The book establishes a philosophical base for the economic principles of Irish republicanism in the 21st century.