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The Pragmatics of Revision: George Moore's Acts of Rewriting

Chapman, Siobhan
It also offers the first sustained application of linguistic pragmatics, the study of meaning in interaction, to the work of a single author, opening up questions about how analytical paradigms developed in pragmatics can explain how rewriting can affect the interactive relationship between a literary text and its readers.

Adaptation Considered as a Collaborative Art: Process and Practice

Cronin, Bernadette
This book examines the processes of adaptation across a number of intriguing case studies and media.

The Global Novel and Capitalism in Crisis: Contemporary Literary Narratives

De Loughry, Treasa
This book examines how contemporary global novels by Salman Rushdie, David Mitchell, Rana Dasgupta and Rachel Kushner have evolved new aesthetics to represent global economic and ecological crises.

How Ireland Voted 2020: The End of an Era

Gallagher, Michael
This book is the 9th volume in the established How Ireland Voted series and provides the definitive story of Ireland's mould-breaking 2020 election. Voting behaviour is explored in depth, with examination of the role of issues and discussion of the role of social cleavages such as class, age and education.

Anti-Catholicism in Britain and Ireland, 1600-2000: Practices, Representations and Ideas

Gheeraert-Graffeuille, Claire
This edited collection brings together varying angles and approaches to tackle the multi-dimensional issue of anti-Catholicism since the Protestant Reformation in Britain and Ireland.

Disability And Life Writing In Post-independence Ireland

Grubgeld, Elizabeth
This book is the first to examine life writing and disability in the context of Irish culture.

European Cinema in the Twenty-First Century: Discourses, Directions and Genres

Lewis, Ingrid
This book rethinks the study of European Cinema in a way that centres on students and their needs, in a comprehensive volume introducing undergraduates to the main discourses, directions and genres of twenty-first-century European film.

The Haunted House in Women's Ghost Stories: Gender, Space and Modernity, 1850-1945

Liggins, Emma
This book explores Victorian and modernist haunted houses in female-authored ghost stories as representations of the architectural uncanny.