Seeking Fortune Elsewhere: Stories

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ISBN: 9781646221738
AuthorBhanoo, Sindya
Pub Date16/05/2023
BindingTrade PB
Publisher: Catapult
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Hynes, James
Sparrow tells the story of Jacob, son of no one, last survivor of an abandoned British Roman town. Raised in a brothel on the Spanish coast in the waning years of the Roman Empire, a boy of no known origin creates his own identity. He is Sparrow, who sings without reason and can fly from trouble.

Flat White Fatality

Duncan, Emmeline
With its hipster-run Portland food truck pod and focus on real-world social issues like homelessness, gentrification, school affordability, and bicycle commuting, this third Ground Rules Mystery is a fresh, modern cozy featuring coffee barista Sage Caplin. She's ready to take a shot at a new side hustle - her boyfriend's gaming company - until a programmer's pranks get him burned...

Psyche and Eros : The spellbinding and hotly-anticipated Greek mythology retelling that everyone's talking about!

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A stunning, exciting and hotly-anticipated feminist retelling of one of the greatest love stories in Greek mythology! The greatest love story ever told...