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Moore, Alison
Futh, middle-aged and newly separated, is on his way to Germany for a restorative walking holiday. When he finds himself treated with hostility by the hotel landlord, he does not understand why. Nor does he anticipate that things he "hasn't" done will have such devastating repercussions.

He Wants

Moore, Alison
Lewis Sullivan, an RE teacher at a secondary school, is approaching retirement when he wonders for the first time whether he ought to have chosen a more dramatic career. He always imagined living by the sea. When an old friend appears on the scene, Lewis finds his routine and comfortable life shaken up.

Son of Mine

Papathanasiou, Peter
Son of Mine is a compelling account of unknown heritage, of life gifts and losses, and the reclamations of parenting. It is dramatic, poignant and uplifting. But above all, it is a memoir of shock, discovery and reconciliation, all delivered in exquisite prose.


Welby, Venetia
In Dreamtime Venetia Welby paints a terrifying and captivating vision of our near future and takes us on a vertiginous odyssey into the unknown.