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Radio Broadcasting: A History of the Airwaves

Bathgate, Gordon
A complete history of this country's love affair with the radio. Traces radio's development from first use to pioneering broadcasts of the BBC, it's role in the Second World War and how it has survived competition from modern technology. 2020 is the centenary of the first radio. broadcast.

The Black and Tans

Bennett, Richard

Operation Banner: The British Army in Northern Ireland 1969 - 2007

Bijl, Nicholas van der
The first accessible account of the British Armys controversial campaign in Northern Ireland. Covers all the main actions and terrorist atrocities, including MOTORMAN, Bloody Sunday, Warrenpoint, Omagh and many more.

Oliver Bulleid's Locomotives: Their Design and Development

Boocock, Colin
Oliver Bulleid's locomotives guides the reader in the quest to understand what motivated Mr Bulleid in his work as a senior engineer and manager

British Leyland

Cole, Lance
Discusses cars, politicians, governments, and reveals the political 'truth' about British Leyland: cites major figures of power and politics including personal interviews with them

RMS Titanic: A Modelmaker's Manual

Davis-Garner, Peter
The Ultimate ship modeller's guide to the world's most famous liner.

A Noble Crusade: The History of the Eighth Army, 1941-1945

Doherty, Richard
Eighth Army is the best known and most iconic British military formation. Written by a much published author and leading authority on the Second World War.

Unmarried Women of the Country Estate: Four Stories from 17th-20th Century

Furness, Charlotte
These are elite women, all connected to country houses or from noble families throughout the UK, and this book explores to what extent privilege gave them the opportunity to choose the life they wanted, thus guiding the reader to challenge their own beliefs about elite women throughout history.