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Of Saints and Miracles

Astur, Manuel
Of Saints and Miracles is a sensuous and poetic portrayal of an outcast's struggle to survive in a changing world, and a seamless blend of the tragic and the majestic.

The Pear Field

Ekvtimishvili, Nana
Lela knows two things to be absolutely true: i. The history teacher has to die. ii. Across the pear field lies freedom.

The Love of Singular Men

Heringer, Victor
Rio de Janeiro, the 1970s. One hot Brazilian summer, Camilo meets Cosme and the two boys fall in love. But an act of violence will shatter their intimate world. At once an incisive exploration of Brazilian society and a moving account of first love, first grief and revenge, this exhilarating novel sparkles with wit and ingenuity throughout.

Soviet Milk

Ikstena, Nora
The literary bestseller that took the Baltics by storm now published for the first time in English. This is an intimate portrayal of three generations of women with everything on the line. The Soviet state steps in and leaves them destitute. All seems lost, until the political change stirring in Riga offers them a chance to take their lives back.

Marzahn, Mon Amour

Oskamp, Katja
A woman approaching the 'invisible years' of middle age abandons her failing writing career to retrain as a chiropodist in the suburb of Marzahn, once the GDR's largest prefabricated housing estate, on the outskirts of Berlin.

You Would Have Missed Me

Vanderbeke, Birgit
A family is torn apart by their dream of a better future in the West. A true story narrated through the eyes of a child.