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Eva Finds Her Smile

Carlin, Damien

The Three Irish Pigs

Davenport, Kay
A big bad wolf, huffing and puffing, is in Ireland with one idea in mind: to eat a defenseless little pig. But there are three of them, baby, big brother and their big sister. They are Irish and they have special resources. Can they outwit the wolf? The traditional story with an Irish twist.

Barry the Badger - Barry's new friend

Goodenough, Daniel
Barry the badger loves his home in the allotment near the village of Sun Dale where he grows fruit and vegetables with his friends. But when Cleo the cat arrives one-day, who will be the one to welcome her?

Control Freak

McGlynn, Sean

The Sand Hog

O'Flaherty, Joe

The Blonde in the Gondola

O'Reilly, Orna
Olivia has everything: a handsome husband, a thriving interior design business, and a privileged life in Dublin. Jane is married to an Italian aristocrat, and wants for nothing, except, perhaps, a loving husband, who seems to devote his life only to their young daughter.

Jake Has Dyslexia

Patel, Shelly M.

How Lucky Can You Get

Saunders, Ray