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Bring Him Home: The Search for Ronan

Baxter, Ciaran
What happens when a loved one walks out the door one day and doesn't come back? Bring Him Home -The Search for Ronan is a powerful and poignant true story of mental health, homelessness, overcoming massive challenges and how one family was determined, no matter what, to bring their brother Ronan home.

Midlife Women Rock : A Menopause Story for a New Generation

Birmingham, Breeda

A Guide to Wellbeing: From the Inside Out

Boylan, Hazel
A Guide to WELLBEING from the inside out is a practical, how-to guide identifying challenges to personal effectiveness and offering suggestions on how to address and overcome those that inhibit the full expression of who we could become.

Stones Corner Book 1 - Turmoil

Buckley, Jane

Stones Corner Light: Volume 3

Buckley, Jane
Stones Corner, Light, set in the early 1980s of war-torn Ulster, continues the sensational cliff-hanging series of thrillers, Turmoil and Darkness.

Stones Corner Book 2 - Darkness

Buckley, Jane
The next instalment from debut author Jane Buckley, tetralogy Stones Corner - Darkness, captures an era in Derry/Londonderry in the early '70s, considered the darkest years of The Troubles in Northern Ireland.

Forgotten Revolution [The Centenary Edition] The Limerick Soviet 1919

Cahill, Liam
This is a completely updated, revised and enlarged edition of the original book on the Limerick Soviet, published in 1990. In Limerick, the workers and their representatives take over running the city and their action is declared a `Soviet'.The British authorities see it as a serious threat to their rule in Ireland.

50 + 2 Poems Just for You

Cashman, Joseph