New Wave English In Practice 4 Fourth Class Prim Ed

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ISBN: 9781846547317
Pub Date01/01/2014
Publisher: Prim-Ed Publishing
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BUA NA CAINTE 4 4th Class Pupil's Pack

Bua na Cainte 4 - Pack 2 book set - Textbook and Leabhar Litrithe Bua na Cainte 4 (includes Bua na Cainte 4 Leabhar Litrithe) A Fully Interactive Irish Language Programme for Junior to Fourth Class. Bua na Cainte fully embraces and meets the requirements of Gaeilge for oral language, reading and writing in the New Primary Language Curriculum and enables teachers to implement it in a practical manner in their classrooms. The NEW Bua na Cainte 4 Pupils’ Book plays a key role in the pupil’s language learning. The book comprises a variety of exciting and challenging educational activities that support and complement the interactive resources. Combined with the interactive resources, these activities enhance the pupil’s comprehension, oral language, reading and writing skills in an integrated manner and assist the pupils to achieve their learning outcomes. NEW Bua na Cainte 4 Leabhar Litrithe is a comprehensive spelling and grammar programme which is integrated with the other components of the programme. The activities are designed so that children can learn in an enjoyable and structured way to achieve the desired learning outcomes.