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The Ethical Careers Guide: How to Find the Work You Love

Allen, Paul
This guide is aimed at anyone who wants to do something meaningful with their working life. As everyone's idea of a meaningful job is different, it is not prescriptive or a definitive manual. Instead, it will inform and inspire readers - helping them to identify the best step(s) towards a more satisfying work life.

United Nations No Nonsense Guide

Black, Maggie
Conveys the complexity of the UN, assesses its record, and considers options for reform. Presenting the entire history of the United Nations, this book explains how this complex organization works and explores its successes, failings and current limitations. It also considers possibilities for reform to make it more democratic and fit for purpose.

80-20: Development in an Unequal World

Daly, Tony
An education resource by an international groups of authors to provide an accessible overview of development and human rights issues

A New Jerusalem

Dickson, Benjamin
A boy's traumatized father comes home from the Second World War, but can't make the transition to civilian life. This is a beautifully crafted graphic portrayal of PTSD and the consequences it can have on everyone around the person affected, especially if not acknowldeged and understood. A historical graphic novel of utmost relevance now.