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Eden's Story

Allen, Louise

Abby's Story

Allen, Louise
When foster mum Louise takes in little Abby, her challenging behaviour soon turns the household upside down. How can one six-year-old unleash such a whirlwind of emotional and physical devastation? Louise is about to discover the darkness of incest, rejection and abuse in Abby's past. The second story in the 'Thrown Away Children' series.

The Black Widow: The true crime book of the year

Calvey, Linda
Meet Linda Calvey, aka the Black Widow. When the love of her life, Mickey Calvey, is gunned down on a job gone wrong, Linda resolves to carry on his work. But in 1990, after years of living in fear of her lover Ronnie Cook, Linda finds herself accused of his murder, in a trial that shocks the nation. Linda refuses to confess. Until now...

Playland: Secrets of a forgotten scandal

Daly, Anthony
A shocking memoir, detailing one man's journey from his native Northern Ireland into a dark scandal that nestled in the heart of 1970's Soho in London. `[This is my] journey into a world of drink and drugs, gangsters, rent boys, businessmen, politicians, pimps and paedophiles ... I am in a unique position to tell the real story of Playland.'

The Killing Of Father Niall Molloy: Anatomy of an Injustice

Fagan, Maresa
Separating fact from fiction, this book re-examines the death of a priest in 1985. The events of that night fuelled speculation and allegations of a cover-up by the State and Church. His death still remains unsolved. TV producer Sharon Lawless, and journalist Maresa Fagan, delve further into the case to test evidence and follow the money trail.

Murder at Roaringwater

Foster, Nick
The inside story of the death of Sophie Toscan du Plantier.

Murder at Roaringwater

Foster, Nick
The inside story of the death of Sophie Toscan du Plantier.

Shirlie and Martin Kemp: It's a Love Story

Kemp, Martin
IT'S A LOVE STORY tells the incredible story of Martin and Shirlie Kemp - from the moment they set eyes on each other, through their stellar careers, to raising a family together. The book uncovers the personal highs and lows of Britain's favourite couple, and the unbreakable bond that has kept them strong.