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Eat, Move, Sleep, Repeat: Diet & Fitness for Living Long & Healthy

Gleeson, Michael
Meant for every fitness goal, fitness level, and occupation, Eat, Move, Sleep, Repeat aims to provide a set of evidence-based guidelines on how to establish a healthy lifestyle that will promote better quality of life with reduced risk of chronic disease and extend longevity.

Beating Type 2 Diabetes: Natural and Simple Methods to Reverse Diabetes for Good

Gleeson, Mike
The huge and growing problem of type 2 diabetes already affects 10-20% of the population. Millions more are in the early stage of the disease (a condition called prediabetes) or are at high risk of developing it within five years. This book is designed to be a resource for people diagnosed with either diabetes or prediabetes.

Football Dark Arts:: Every Crafty Trick in the Book from Time-Wasting Tactics to Devilish Deceptions

Lai, William
Football Dark Arts provides detailed knowledge about crafty, deceitful, and outrageous gamesmanship that will help you and your team win matches. Within this book are 80 football tricks, traps, and tips. These "dark arts" help give ultra-competitive managers and street-smart players a competitive edge.

The Penalty Kick: The Psychology of Success

Memmert, Prof. Dr. Daniel
A successful penalty kick takes more than just luck, and The Penalty Kick demystifies the science so that the reader knows how to win every penalty kick

Intelligent Soccer Training: Simulating Games to Improve Technique and Tactics

Seeger, Fabian
With its wide range of information, the content presented addresses all playing ages and performance levels. Intelligent Soccer Training qualitatively differs from known training content to present innovative and modern training forms of basic training, developing new forms and thus extending the range of exercise and play for the interested coach.

Krav Maga - Combat Mindset & Fighting Stress: How to Perform Under Alarming and Stressful Conditions

Yanilov, Eyal
Originally developed as an elite fighting tactic for the Israel Defence Forces, today Krav Maga has become a popular self-defence method, appealing to government units, martial artists, and even the average person.