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Soul Survivor: The Autobiography

Arnold, P.P.
P.P. Arnold's story is that of a rich and varied life. From her early musical origins in powerhouse church gospel, the talented singer's career began when she joined the Ike & Tina Turner Revue at the age of just seventeen. But little did the young Ikette know how much her world was about to be turned upside-down...

The Islander : My Life in Music and Beyond

Blackwell, Chris
As the founder of Island Records, fabled music producer Chris Blackwell has discovered and worked with some of the most important musicians of the second half of the twentieth century - from Steve Winwood to Cat Stevens, Bob Marley to Grace Jones, U2 to Roxy Music, plus countless others. He is also widely credited with having brought reggae music to the world stage. Now, as he turns eighty-five, Blackwell takes us back to the island where it all began...

Magnifico! The A to Z of Queen

Blake, Mark
From the award-winning author of Bring It On Home: Peter Grant, Led Zeppelin and Beyond and Pigs Might Fly: The Inside Story of Pink Floyd comes MAGNIFICO! THE A TO Z OF QUEEN.

Robbie Fowler - A Footballer's Life ***IRELAND EXPORT EDITION

Robbie's My Life In Football harks back to a simpler time when fans and players shared the same story, and when the local boy really could dream of scoring a hat-trick for his home club when Saturday came.

Age Proof : The New Science of Living a Longer and Healthier Life

Kenny Rose Anne Prof.
We all age. But why do some of us live longer than others? Why do we live twice as long today as our ancestors did 200 years ago? And what does the latest science teach us that will help us not only live longer lives, but also to live fitter, healthier and happier lives, deep into our later years?

All or Nothing

Ollerton, Ollie
THE NEW THRILLER FROM THE NUMBER 1 BESTSELLING AUTHOR He turns the groaning Abbott over, puts the barrel of the gun to the back of his head. 'We're doing him a favour,' he says. 'I know a guy with a death-wish when I see one.' He pulls the trigger.

Scar Tissue

Ollerton Ollie
The explosive debut thriller from the Sunday Times bestselling author of Break Point and former Special Forces team leader, Ollie Ollerton.

Being Britney

Otter-Bickerdike, Jennifer
After years of being framed as a victim, Britney deserves to be celebrated as the fighter, inspiration and enigma she truly is.' - Jennifer Otter Bickerdike