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Stringfellow, Tara M.
Joan can't change her family's past. But she can create her future.

Hunting Ghislaine

Sweeney, John
In HUNTING GHISLAINE, legendary investigative journalist John Sweeney uncovers the truth behind this fairy tale story in reverse.

Lady Joker

Takamura, Kaoru
Inspired by the unsolved true-crime kidnapping case perpetrated by "the Monster with 21 Faces," Lady Joker has become a cultural touchstone since its 1997 publication, acknowledged as the magnum opus by one of Japan's literary masters, twice adapted for film and TV and often taught in high school and college classrooms.

Jade Fire Gold

Tan, June CL
Her destiny. His revenge. In an empire on the brink of war . . .

The Twelve Monotasks

Thatcher Wine
Neurological research definitively and repeatedly concludes that there is a bottleneck in our cognitive function - when we do more than one thing at a time, we become less efficient and more error-prone. Our systems get overloaded and we crash. In fact, we are actually wired to monotask - to give dedicated focus to one task at a time.

Little Wartime Library

Thompson, Kate
Based on true events, The Little Wartime Library is a gripping and heart-wrenching page-turner that remembers one of the greatest resistance stories of the war.

The Seawomen

Timms, Chloe
Esta has known nothing but Eden's Isle her whole life. Raised by her grandmother, after a fire claimed her parents and scarred her face as a child, Esta faces a life of piety and dread, bound to a religious society who cut themselves off from the mainland in the name of salvation. The island is governed by a fear of the outside world and the corrupting evil, lurking deep in the water known as the Seawomen.

Here Goes Nothing

Toltz, Steve
A firecracker of a novel by the Booker-shortlisted author of A Fraction of the Whole - a scathingly funny and affecting tale of life, death, love and the questionable existence of God.