Intimate City: Dublin Essays

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ISBN: 9781911338161
AuthorSirr, Peter
Pub Date24/06/2021
Publisher: The Gallery Press
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Hussey, Gerry
Irish Author (Lives in Dublin, originally from Galway). Gerry is Ireland’s leading health and performance coach and founder of Soul Space Awaken Your Power Within is a powerful guide for all ages, one which takes us on a path of discovery to a deeper understanding of who we truly are and the limitless possibilities of which we are all capable.

Girls Like You: The Long Road Back from Bessborough

O'Connell, Jacinta
Written with pathos and humour, Girls Like You is a reflection on growing up in the early 1970s in the Irish Midlands. It is a story of love and loss, secrecy and abandonment, forgiveness and integration. It deals with the fallout of this period of Irish history on one individual and her immediate family while exposing the cost of an Irish solution to an Irish problem, a cost which still reverberates in society today as the truth slowly trickles out.