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The Rebel Countess: Constance Markievitz; ( 1868-1927)

Murray, Gabriel
The Rebel Countess; The story of Countess Markievicz, Anglo-Irish revolutionary She returns to her father’s estate in the West coast of Ireland. She gets involved in the Irish struggle for freedom. She takes part in the 1916 revolution and is sentenced to death, escapes execution and helps establish the Irish Republic. A story of heroism and personal sacrifice on a grand scale.

The Spielberg Files : The escape of Steven Spielbergs ancestors from Russia to America, 1905-1941

Murray, Gabriel
This is the story of the escape of Steven Spielberg’s ancestors from Russia to America; along with two million Jewish emigrants.

The Theology of Hunger: The Vatican and Terence Mc Swiney -1920

Murray, Gabriel
The Vatican and the theological investigation of the Terence Mac Swiney’s hunger strike – 1920.


Walsh, Fidel Hogan
'Time' is the fruit of a lockdown project undertaken between March and June 2020. The fifteen poems and sixteen images reflect on the human condition during unprecedented times beginning with ‘Omen’ which sets the tone to the opening of the book with the line; ‘Inception of a foreboding story’s journey’. After delving into such diverse subjects as love, death and loss; the book finishes on a hopeful note with the last line of the last poem ‘2020, Memories’, ‘the road to healing shattered hearts and souls begins!’ Featuring the photography of Julie Corcoran.

Walt Disneys Irish Roots

Murray, Gabriel

Why Are We Here?

O'Mahony, Niamh
Fay the pig has a burning question: “Why are we here?” Determined to know, she sets off along the Sheep’s Head peninsula to find the answer. Join Fay on her quest as she meets a variety of animals and birds along the way. Why are we here? is a hardback picture book (32 pages) for young readers age 3-7 to read or be read to. Written by Niamh O'Mahony and illustrated by Annabel Langrish.

Women in Irish History ;1864 -1984

Murray, Gabriel