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The Rise of Gaelic Sports in Europe

O'Brien, Denis
The story of almost 300 years of Gaelic Sports in Europe – from the games fascinating yet invisible 18th, 19th and 20th century European history, to Irish immigrant influence, to Spanish, French, German, Italians and others, embracing Gaelic Football and Hurling as new treasure in their lives.

Lost Gaeltacht

This is a story; of severe poverty and congestion in rural slums in the west, the selection process by the Land Commission, threats and conflict, the migration process, settlement and social integration in Allenstown, their struggle for survival during the ‘emergency’, their triumph and their ongoing relationship with the western homeland, and the death of a Gaeltacht. The book also gives a sense of the life in the big house and the dismantling of a country estate.

Why Are We Here?

O'Mahony, Niamh
Fay the pig has a burning question: “Why are we here?” Determined to know, she sets off along the Sheep’s Head peninsula to find the answer. Join Fay on her quest as she meets a variety of animals and birds along the way. Why are we here? is a hardback picture book (32 pages) for young readers age 3-7 to read or be read to. Written by Niamh O'Mahony and illustrated by Annabel Langrish.


O'Neill, Andy
Début collection, Dublin poet. Poems, real events and stories...

Table Tennis Ireland : Hidden Secrets and Memories

O'Reilly, Frank
Irish Table Tennis veteran and coach Frank O'Reilly's essential guide for any budding Table Tennis enthusiast. Details a roadmap for those who wish to play at an international level.

Grateful Grainne

Parker, Martina
A fun and engaging children's book that will teach kids the value of gratitude, optimism and friendship!

Echoes from a Civil War

Queally, Joe
Echoes from a Civil War tells two stories of violent death in rural Ireland during the 1920s. Based on a wide range of sources, reinforced by skillful and sensitive use of the oral history of each community, the memories of people who lived through it, and which he has carefully gathered over two decades, this is a fascinating book, which should be read by anyone interested in the Civil War or the history of community conflict.


Regan, Padraic
Airports will never feel the same... A murdered girl is found in a suitcase on an airport conveyor belt. An armed robbery takes place in the cargo terminal the next day. The police officer who discovered the body, Anna Jenkinson, believes the two crimes are related but she’s told to stay off the case. She can’t do that.