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Barnewall De Berneval - 800 Years a Norman-Irish Invasion

Arnold, Aidan
For 800 years the Barnewall De Berneval family walked a dangerous tightrope straddling English rule and Irish rights. This book finally tells their truly amazing story.

The Story Of Cricket In Fingal

Bennett, James
This fascinating new book looks into the history of cricket in Fingal and explains why the sport has found a home there.

The History of 2BP : Ireland's First Licensed Radio Station

Bohan, Eddie
The history of 2BP, Ireland's first licensed radio station that broadcast from the Royal Marine Hotel, Dun Laoghaire in August 1923. The broadcasts were surrounded by political intrigue and showed both a desire and a need for a full time broadcasting station in the new Irish Free State.

Dan Breen : Man Behind The Myth - Tipperary's Famous Revolutionary

Connors, John
Anyone with an interest in Irish history is aware of the legend of Dan Breen.

Irish Forestry Society 1902-1923

Crawford, Hugh
‘The Irish Forestry Society 1902–1923’ is a hugely interesting and investigative piece of research and it reveals much about Ireland in the late 19th and early 20th century.

Gist of Lives and Lies

Curtin H.J.
The Irish parliament has become radical, raucous and rancorous, trawling, brawling and bawling to hide its failure to represent the people equally and fairly. It directs its energy toward character assassination and denigration of its predecessors in opposition, to the detriment of respect and toleration for the Irish people and the institutions of government.

Found & Lost : Iron Heritage Of Dublin

Curtis, Joe
Dublin can be proud of its iron heritage, ranging from cast iron and wrought iron building structures, bridges, railway stations, railings & gates, street lamp-posts, pillar letterboxes, band-stands, fountains, glasshouses, and the humble manhole cover. The 19th century was the heyday of iron foundries, and the 20th century to a lesser extent, but such skilled industries are now lost, although leaving behind many mementos.