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The Gran Tour: Travels with my Elders

Aitken, Ben
One millennial, six coach trips, one big generation gap.

The Marmalade Diaries: The True Story of an Odd Couple

Aitken, Ben
From the author of The Gran Tour, a portrait of an intergenerational friendship.

The Boy with Two Hearts: A Story of Hope - BBC Radio 4 Book of the Week 29 June - 3 July 2020

Amiri, Hamed
One family's escape from the Taliban and their fight to save their son.

Introducing Freud: A Graphic Guide

Appignanesi, Richard
Demystifies the facts of Freud's discovery of psychoanalysis. This book tells the story of Freud's life and ideas from his upbringing in 19th-century Vienna, his early medical career and his encounter with cocaine, to the gradual evolution of his theories on the unconscious, dreams and sexuality.

Introducing Postmodernism: A Graphic Guide

Appignanesi, Richard
What exactly is postmodernism? This graphic guide explains the maddeningly enigmatic concept that has been used to define the world's cultural condition.

Queer: A Graphic History

Barker, Meg-John
Barker and Scheele invite you to question the status quo and to start seeing things more queerly.

Introducing Relativity: A Graphic Guide

Bassett, Bruce
It is more than a century since Einstein's theories of Special and General Relativity began to revolutionise our view of the universe. Beginning near the speed of light and proceeding to explorations of space-time and curved spaces, this work takes readers through the thought experiments that have given shape to contemporary physics.

Introducing Psychotherapy: A Graphic Guide

Benson, Nigel
An Introducing graphic guide to the methods and history of psychotheraphy