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After Heaney

Agee, Chris

Balkan Essays

Agee, Chris
Collection of essays by Hubert Butler, edited by Chris Agee and Jacob Agee, published by The Irish Pages Press

Blue Sandbar Moon

Agee, Chris
A decade after Next to Nothing, Chris Agee’s critically acclaimed and achingly powerful collection of poems in memory of his daughter Miriam, Blue Sandbar Moon explores with delicate precision the emotional and spiritual landscape of a life sustained in “the aftermath of aftermath.”

Irish Pages volume 2 number 1 2003

Agee, Chris

Irish Pages : Belfast Agreement: “From Begrudgery to Hyperbole: On Recent Irish Fiction”

Agee, Chris
Mainly non-fiction writing on The Belfast Agreement (The Good Friday Agreement) and Brexit, by 42 major Irish writers.

The Anthropocene: Irish Pages, Volume 11, Number 1: 2021

Agee, Chris
"The Anthropocene" evokes the escalating global ecological crisis, including climate change, deforestation, the treatment of animals, oceanic pollution and over-fishing, extinctions, land-use, plastic pollution and the waste crisis, the eco-vandalism of mining and the fashion industry, biodiversity and ecocide generally.

Trump Rant: Christopher R. Agee on Donald J. Trump

Agee, Chris
Caustically humorous and polemically compulsive, Trump Rant is a work of meticulous political portraiture: a deep-delving and epoch-spanning investigation into the nature of power in American life, made luminous by Agee's nuanced, exploratory understanding of authoritarian drift in a number of world-historical contexts.