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ISBN: 9781999896805
AuthorByrne, Angela
Pub Date01/02/2018
Publisher: Martello
Quick overview From the author of Not Forgotten and Miss Fitzgerald comes a further chapter of Angela Byrne’s remarkable story of the perseverance of the Irish spirit. A poignant, absorbing tale of life in Revolutionary Ireland, Homeward charts the struggles of one family to maintain their homestead in the face of misfortunes and cruelty. Richie Fitzgerald visits his ancestral home of Bruff, Co. Limerick in a chaotic 1916 with a backdrop of revolution brewing, only to learn of the maltreatment of the O’Keeffe family, the inhabitants of the house the Fitzgeralds owned. Their daughter Aoife is raped by British soldiers and then poorly treated by the local nuns entrusted with her care and recovery. Eventually the family must face the choice of staying or fleeing their old home.