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Get Strong, Get Fit, Get Happy: A Life Manual For 40+

Roberts, Stuart
Get Strong, Get Fit, Get Happy will give you the knowledge, confidence and inspiration to reach and maintain a level of health and fitness - for the rest of your life - that many would consider unattainable.Tthis manual is designed to support men and women aged 40-plus.

S.E.N.D. In The Clowns: Essential Autism / ADHD Family Guide

Rowland, Suzy
S.E.N.D. In The Clowns started as a collection of diary entries and a way for author and mother, Suzy Rowland, to write through tears of injustice. Suzy's aim is to help parents untangle red tape, stay engaged and feel empowered as they march, with their autism or ADHD child, through a system that struggles to educate children who are different.