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The Lea-Green Down - New Poems Inpired by Patrick Kavanagh

The Lea-Green Down is an anthology of response poems inspired by the poetry of Patrick Kavanagh. The anthology features over 60 poets and also includes Kavanagh’s poems, by permission of the Kavanagh Trustees, via The Jonathan Williams Literary Agency. The Lea-Green Down includes an essay by Gerard Smyth and commentary by Una Agnew, Kavanagh Academic. Cover Image is by Paul McCloskey, an award winning County Monaghan artist.

The Frayed Heart

Grant-Donoghue, Orla
This first collection of poetry by Orla Grant-Donoghue includes haiku and short poems around the themes of love, loss and hope. Donoghue’s poetic impulse comes from having a reverence for the natural world, an understanding of the frailties of the human heart and also, how cosmic energies surround and enfold us. She has that rare gift – empathy – which acts as an unerring tuning fork in the overall music of these short pieces. Donoghue finds in the ever-changing world of nature and cityscape, fresh imagery which serve as accompaniment to her words. This she achieves, in the same way that the celestial plain is canvas for the moon and stars. Indeed, the very ebb and flow of the ocean is felt here, nuances which resonate in the rhythms of Donoghue’s world.