Ever Ancient Ever New: Celtic Spirituality in the 21st Century

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ISBN: 9781908024152
AuthorWhelan, Dolores
Pub Date01/08/2021
Quick overview 2011 Publication. The Celtic spiritual and wisdom tradition is both ancient and new. It brings to light a new way for humankind to be in the world. Dolores believes that the deep truths held within the soul and psyche of our land are now ready to re-emerge. Her work endeavours to support this awakening, both within the land and the people. Crucially, this book is not nostalgic. It uniquely explores how this ancient wisdom can form the basis of a value system upon which a new society can be built. It challenges us to integrate this wisdom into all aspects of our daily lives, reflecting the beliefs of our ancestors that there is no real separation between the spiritual and secular worlds.
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