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Fuinneamh Nua Éagran Nua Pack 2023 Edition Leaving Certifcate Irish (Free EBook)

O'Toole, Yvonne
Fuinneamh Nua is a Leaving Certificate Ordinary text written to reflect the New Leaving Cert Irish Syllabus from the Department of Education and Skills

Cinnte 2 - Textbook & Leabhar Phunaine - Junior Cycle Irish - Ordinary Level

O'Toole, Yvonne
Cinnte! 2, written specifically for the new Junior Cycle by our highly successful author team – Yvonne O’Toole and Elizabeth Wade – completes the three-book series that will prepare students for both the JC Irish Ordinary Level (Cinnte! 2) and Higher Level (Cinnte! 3) course. These textbooks comprehensively cover the new Irish Specification and the Framework for Junior Cycle and are engaging, imaginative and innovative in their approach.

Cinnte 1 - Textbook & Leabhar Phunaine - Junior Cycle Irish inlc. Free Ebook

O'Toole, Yvonne
Cinnte! 1 Eagrán Nua incorporates guidelines from the NCCA, JCT and PDST to deliver a comprehensive and engaging package for 1st Year Irish.

Cinnte 3 - Textbook & Leabhar Phunaine - Junior Cycle Irish - Higher Level

O'Toole, Yvonne
Cinnte! 3 has been written specifically for the new Junior Cycle by our highly successful author team, Yvonne O’Toole and Elizabeth Wade. Cinnte! 3 (Higher Level) build on the skills that were developed in Cinnte! 1, integrating all three strands of the specification.

Graimear an Draoi (Irish Grammar Book)

O'Toole, Yvonne
A modern Irish Grammar book suitable for Post Primary Ordinary and Higher Level. A bright, modern grammar book for all levels. Lots of example, tips and rules for learning grammar. Thousands of exercises to help students understand the basics. Revision exercises at the end of each unit.

An Triail Leabhar Notaí Cabhair agus Cúnamh EDCO

O'Toole, Yvonne
Notes for the Leaving Certificate Irish novel. The personalities and themes are covered throughout.

Graiméar – Is Féidir Leat! EDCO Graimear Feidir

O'Toole, Yvonne
A clear and comprehensive approach to grammar, Reflects the change in emphasis in JC and LC exams, Outlines the rules of grammar. Includes practical exercises to help improve fluency in the language. Contains a revision chapter. Grammar terms are explained in a reference chapter. Interactive resources available online