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Environmental Justice, Popular Struggle and Community Development

al-Shalalfeh, Zayneb
This book examines the dynamics of agency and solidarity in the ways in which community, development and environment interact in the pursuit of environmental justice.

It's Not Where You Live, It's How You Live: Class and Gender Struggles in a Dublin Estate

Bissett, John
This ground-breaking and compelling book shows in fine detail the life struggles of those who live on a public housing estate in Dublin. Combining long-term research into residents' lived experience with critical realist theory, it provides a completely fresh perspective on public housing in Ireland and arguably, beyond.

Dementia And Human Rights

Cahill, Suzanne (Trinity College Dublin,
Launching the dementia debate into new and exciting territory, this book applies a human rights lens to interrogate the lived experience and policy response to dementia.

Contested Britain: Brexit, Austerity And Agency

Carmichael, Paul
Brings together interdisciplinary and international case studies to provide a distinctive analysis of how politics in the UK and the lives of British citizens have evolved in the first decades of the twenty-first century, focusing on the interconnectedness of austerity politics, the Brexit vote and the rise of populist politics.

Critical Questions for Ageing Societies

Carney, Gemma (Queen's University, Belfa
This myth-busting and question-focused textbook tackles the important social and policy issues posed by ageing. A unique pedagogical approach recognises the gap between the lives of students and older people, and equips students with the conceptual, analytical and critical tools to understand what it means to grow old and live in an ageing society.

Repealing the 8th: Reforming Irish abortion law

de Londras, Fiona (University of Birming
Irish law only currently allows for abortion where the life of the pregnant woman is at risk. A constitutional referendum will be held in 2018 to liberalise abortion law. This book offers practical proposals for policymakers and advocates, including model legislation, making it an essential campaigning tool leading up to the referendum.

It's the Government, Stupid: How Governments Blame Citizens for Their Own Policies

Dowding, Keith (Australian National Univ
Governments conveniently blame social problems on their citizens, placing too much emphasis on personal responsibility. This book shows that 'nudging' citizens to better behaviour simply isn't good enough and explains why we should hold our politicians responsible for social problems.

Irish social policy: A critical introduction

Dukelow, Fiona (University College Cork)
This second edition of a highly successful textbook offers a comprehensive introduction to social policy in Ireland addressing a range of social policy topics of growing importance in contemporary Irish society including issues related to children, service users and groups, migration, ethnicity, sexuality and climate change.