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The Binman's Guide to Amazing Customer Service: Top customer words, service concepts & interviews to help create a sales focused customer-centric environment that provides amazing customer service.

Browne, Oisin
More than ever, amazing service is expected in today’s business environments and I believe when you provide amazing service to your customer you can put a price on it. This book can be summed up in one line, ‘People will be happy to pay for amazing customer service’. Let’s be to the forefront in providing this experience, over and over.

All That We Never See - Our Journey with Autism

All That We Never See: Our Journey With Autism documents the arduous journey of Áine & Gerry Crosse whose family must navigate the unscripted world of Autism and Mitochondrial disease. It is their goal to shed light on a struggle rarely seen from the outside, to end the stigma that parents of autistic children often face, to answer questions to which there are so few answers, and to offer hope to the parents of Autistic children who find themselves with none.

Accepting and Connecting with Muscular Dystrophy : How Spirituality Empowered Me to Strive When Faced with Adversity

Dunleavy, Siobhán / Siobhan
The purpose of this book is to inspire others to embrace all forms of adversity they may experience along their journey. Siobhán believes that in times of crisis, the impulse is to give in to fear and panic, but when we learn to look inwards, we begin to heal and can take on, with greater ease, the vicissitudes of life that come our way.

Mental Health for Millenials Vol 3

Mental Health For Millennials Vol 3 is part of a a 7 series volume collection (with 2017-2023 publications dates). It contains chapters written by fifteen contributors from Ireland, Northern Ireland and the US on various aspects of mental heath for millennials.

Michael and Kathleen's Glorious Guide To Everton FC

Get ready for a fantastical adventure through Everton's glorious past with Ireland's most famous Evertonians Michael and Kathleen.