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End of Innocence: The Untold Stories Behind the Victims of Child Killer Robert Black

Apostolides, Zoe
The first in a series of true crime books taking a fresh look at the victims, their families and the investigations behind unresolved, infamous cold cases

Manhunt: Tracking Britain's Most Wanted Murderer

Bleksley, Peter
The gripping true story from the star of the hit BBC Sounds podcast, 'Manhunt: Finding Kevin Parle'

Son of Escobar: First Born

Escobar, Roberto Sendoya

The Tennis Champion Who Escaped the Nazis: Liesl Herbst's Journey, from Vienna to Wimbledon

Hardy, Felice
Liesl Herbst, Austrian National Tennis champion, fled Nazi occupation with her family - this is the moving story of their escape and of what happened to those left behind

The Missing Pieces of Mum

Herbert, Sally
A stolen past, a search for the truth, two lives changed forever

Cannibal Killers : Monsters with a Taste for Murder

Martingale, Moira
Murderers who eat the people they kill have existed throughout human history, but until the advent of the Internet they operated in the shadows, governed by shame and secrecy. Online, they can now find not only their next victim, but other like-minded monsters

The Real-Life Murder Clubs: Citizens Solving True Crimes

Stow, Nicola
What happens when ordinary people, in real-life murder clubs, set out to investigate crimes, both recent and cold cases?

Vow of Silence

Walsh, Suzanne
A convent children's home run by monsters. A heartbreaking family secret that haunted us for 50 years.