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The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch (45th anniversary ed ition)

Armitage, Ronda
Once there was a lighthouse keeper called Mr Grinling... Mr Grinling LOVES his food, but - oh no! - he's not the only one who likes a snack and the local seagulls have started stealing Mrs Grinling's tasty treats...! Can Mr and Mrs Grinling come up with a cunning plan to keep those pesky seagulls away?

Peekaboo Sun

Arrhenius, Ingela P
Ingela P Arrhenius's unmistakable, enchanting artwork and an ingenious slider mechanism on every page combine to make this a totally irresistible board book for toddlers. Young children will be captivated by the peekaboo concept and - with something to push, pull or turn on every spread - won't be able to put it down!

Seo Linn - Babai Beag

Babai Beag

Dathanna - Babai Beag

Babai Beag

Splais - Babai Beag

Babai Beag

Baby's Very First Touchy Feely Book

Baggott, Stella
Contains beautifully designed high-contrast images that are easy for newborn babies to focus on as well as touchy-feely patches to bring the pictures to life. This book includes pictures that contain a tactile element to help very young children develop important sensory skills.


Baines, Rachel
Snuggle up with this sweet selection of rhymes to share with your little one. Packed with gorgeous illustrations throughout, and fuzzy flocking on the cover, this sturdy board book is the perfect gift for first birthdays!

Outer Space Slide and See Board Book

Between the ages of 1 and 4, young children are refining their fine motor skills, and the easy-to-push and pull sliding mechanisms in this series are perfect for exercising their little hands and fingers. They will love seeing the pictures change as they swoosh the slider into the correct position.

William Bee's Wonderful World of Things That Go!

Bee, William
William Bee presents this bumper book of all his favourite vehicles! Find out all about the weird and wonderful world of trucks, trains, and tractors, as well as aeroplanes, submarines, rockets and more! This hardback anthology of three books is the perfect gift for the little transport enthusiast in your life.

Stanley's Fire Engine

Bee, William
Stanley keeps his fire engine in tip-top condition - it has to be ready for anything! Join Stanley and Peggy as they rescue Little Woo (and his teddy) from a tree, extinguish Charlie's annual barbecue and help to make sure a spectacular fireworks show goes off safely with a bang and a sparkle.

Halloween: Volume 3

Beer, Sophie
A playful first words book exploring Halloween in 100 words.

Adam's World of Wonders: Adams Adventures

Bennett, Benji